Here are a few of the programs I have written. I wrote the first ones in QBASIC (which I moved to the bottom of this page) and compiled them with FirstBasic compiler, but the remaining ones I wrote in C and compiled them using Dev-C++ IDE (Windows and Console) and Borland Turbo C++ version 1.01 (MS-DOS 16-bit)

Win32 Programs written in C 10k I can do Windows! Well, I am starting to. This is just one of my first Windows programs, and it's only a couple of steps past a "Hello, World" program.
This program is just an exercise in my current progress with Windows programming. The three versions are here to demonstrate my progress. This is not a useful program, just a demonstration. 17k My first actual working and playable Windows game! I borrowed Evil Otto from the arcade classic Berzerk and turned the tables on him. Now he is locked in a prison of walls from which he cannot get out so easily. It's your job to lead him to a path of escape. It's not really much of a game yet, but it works, and it's really more of a demonstration of my mastery of programming with bitmaps in Windows.   My These are some assorted (but unconfigurable) scrensavers for Windows. I simply put them together into a single file.
Hypnotic - Concentric multicolor circles take over the screen.
Digits - Random LED-style numbers are displayed all over the screen.
Dice - Identical to Digits, but with (nine-sided?) dice being rolled all over the screen.
Color Weaves - Random colors weave a diagonal lattice all over the screen.
Lightning - Pretty much the same as Color Weaves, but a random element makes the lines look like lightning (at least to me).
Dissolve Screen - Your screen slowly dissolves before your eyes.
Some DOS/Console Programs written in C 8k A prime number generator I wrote in C. First 40,000 primes, but I lost the source code on this one. 9k Another prime number generator, revised, and I have the source code for this one. 10k I call this "Master Mind with an attitude"; Guess a 4-letter random code of letters from A to H before the computer "tires" of your attempts. Don't be offended when it taunts you, or just suddenly decides to stop playing.
bmpwork.c 4k This is my first successful bitmap manipulation program in C. It's pretty much the C version of the file basfunct.txt above, and it's far from finished, but if edited before compiling, it can modify bitmaps much faster than the QBasic version. Written with the Dev-C++ 32-bit IDE. 38k A preliminary version of the gravity simulator I wrote in QBasic in 2002, and it's much faster, but it still has bugs and has few features yet. I uploaded it mainly so I won't lose it if I have to reformat again (like I did with a BETTER version of it already). Written using Borland Turbo C++ version released in 1991, and includes the EGAVGA.BGI video driver that is necessary to have in the same directory to run. 26k A command line program which color codes a GIF of a US state map to RGB colors from 0-255. For example, typing "STATES OH 255 128 0" at the command prompt sets Ohio (on the GIF provided) to a bright orange color. This is useful for graphing out data about US states.
Some QBasic Programs for Old Time's Sake 29k This is a simple 2-dimensional gravity simulation. 28k Earlier version of the same program above.   "Star Trek" style game, destroy enemy vessels. Playable, but not much of an ending, so don't expect to feel like you've just saved the galaxy when you win. (Actually, this is a C program--I had a QBasic Star Trek game that was complete, and I had it posted here, but when I uploaded my C Star Trek game, I gave it the same name as this one, and it appears it was overwritten. Well, this one is better anyway.) 58k Tile icon-sized files into a larger bitmap (used to make these pictures)
basfunct.txt 11k These are more structured and improved versions of the bitmap subroutines in bmpbas.txt. Goodbye GOSUB, hello CALL (so bmpbas.txt can be unofficially ignored now, but I am leaving it on the page for future reference). I included several mouse subs in this one too. I only wrote the bitmap subs, but the mouse subs were public domain, and this file makes a good "base" file for writing QBasic programs that need both mouse use and bitmap manipulation. Not all of the subs were done when I first uploaded it (on 02/25/04), but I will probably upload it into the same link as I work on it without changing this text. Take it and use it at will.